Monday, September 07, 2009

HURRAY!!! Shauna's Done With Chemo!!!

Thursday, September 10 is Shauna's last Chemo and we are ready to CELEBRATE!!!!!!!! We are going to have an end of chemo ice cream party on Monday the 14th at 6:00, it will be a Rick and Shauna's house 607 S Allison Way in Kaysville. Everyone who would like to celebrate with us is welcome to come anytime between 6 & 8 p.m. We hope to see you there!!!

Shauna has requested that everyone she has ever known be there so make sure to mark your calendar;)!!!!!!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Memorial Day 4-Wheel Trip

Isaac, Josh, Shauna, Jake

Back to Life!!!!

Sorry I haven't blogged in so long but I have been totally enjoying my life since radiation ended almost 4 weeks ago. It seems like longer we have done so much in that time. My skin peeled atleast twice and some areas 3 times but I am totally over that part. My skin looks normal and healthy which at one point I didn't think would ever happen again. My blood counts are almost entirely "recovered" which is pretty incredible. I still have some minor swelling in my right arm and hand but they don't think it's lymphedema and should improve with time. I have to keep reminding myself that I have been through something very difficult and allow myself time to heal.
I have been on the Tamoxifen 3 weeks and it is fine. The hotflashes are noticable but not as bad as on the terrible chemo drugs. Those were like nuclear heat plumes!

I have decided that every drug and little thing they tell you has it's purpose and chemo has been around long enough that you should just do what they tell you. I told the Dr. at my last chemo that I was irritated with the weight gain and she said OK let's go without the steriod this time(they give to everyone on just about any chemo drug.) I had a migrain for 2 days and a kidney infection and just felt awful. I won't make that mistake again I will just have to live with it. It's a minor price to pay to feel good and have so few side affects.

We have been doing yard work which has been hard but so much fun to see it come together. Rick has done all the hard parts but I still think it's been theraputic for him too. He is such a good husband!!! We are celebrating our 16th Anniversary next week and I am so glad to be here to celebrate our family!

Now I continue my chemo drug Herceptin every 3 weeks. I am not counting or anything but I have 5 left, I finish on Sept. 10th. Even though these aren't difficult I will be so excited for that. I am also trying really hard to grow hair but it's not working! I have special syrums, scalp massage, etc. but I would take any suggestions!

I constantly think about all of the people who have helped us to this point and I don't know what we would have done without all those who helped hold our family toghether in so many ways. My friend (who had cancer) said at the begining, "Shauna this is a gift." I have to say that it is. My life before cancer seems so niave compared to now. Rick and I have learned so many things about living. As most people know things still happen even though you're going through something hard. Computers still crash, kids get the stomach flu, or the memorable emergency appendectomy but it's life... and I am so glad to be a part of it!
Love- Shauna

Monday, April 27, 2009

Race Day!! May 9th

I am so excited for May 9th, Race for the Cure at Gateway!! It also will mean radiation is over. So I can't wait for both. Anyone that wants to can still register
at, the group name is "joggin for jugs." It starts at 8:30am, Rick will be at the back of the line with all the strollers. I think I will go with him unless I have to go ahead for some reason. We will see, it should be really fun!
Everything else is going fine. Radiation has made me tired, burned, and even more tired. As of today I have 9 "zaps" left. The onlcologist said it would make me more tired than chemo and I didn't believe him so now he's getting the last laugh. I can easily deal with tired. We have managed to go camping the last 2 weekends so it's not too bad.
At my next chemo (May 7th) I will be starting tamoxifen which I am not happy about. It does have side affects but I will have to get used to them because I will be on it for 5 years. It blocks cancer cell growth especially during the first 5 years to prevent recurrence. Let's all hope anyway!
I hope everyone is well, we are so thankful for all our friends and family helping us to this finish line!!! Much Love- Shauna

Monday, April 13, 2009

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter! We did!
Radiation is going fine, I have figured out it does have sde effects but they aren't terrible...yet. The fatigue isn't too bad yet. I have what they call "chording" down my arm to the wrist and even on top of my hand which feels like scar tissue and it burns, hurts,and stretches when I use my arm. I have to exercise it morning and night to keep it under control and wear a sleeve. The only good thing is once radiation is over it should sibside, or I should be able to manage it. It came on the first few days of radiation and really got bad last week but a trip to the physial therapist has helped a ton. Other than that and the daily drive to McKayDee I am functioning almost normally and I love it! I never thought I would be so thankful to clean my own bathrooms but each time I do it I am thankful that I can. It's been so funny what little things we appreciate after all we have been through. We sat in traffic in front of Lowe's and Rick grumbled, as soon as he did I said," I am just glad to be here, all 5 of us!" He frequently makes the same comments when we do things we haven't been able to do together like go to church after all these months of them going without me. I thought we were thankful people before but we really are now.
Don't forget Race for the Cure is May 9th. The team name is Joggin' for Jugs and you cna sign up online @ My last radiation is May 8th so we are hoping to make the race a party! Love- Shauna

Sunday, April 05, 2009


We are finally in radiation and it's so good to get going. I go every day at 9:30am to McKay Dee where I get "zapped!" They are very pleasant people to work with and they make the best out of yet another of the yucky requirements to get back to good health. I have no side effects yet but anticipate by the end of this week having "a sunburn." The area is much larger than I expected. It's about the size of a wash cloth, one corner even goes under my arm and onto my back. It's all pretty interesting. I continue to go to chemo for Herceptin. It's my wonder drug. There are almost no side effects. I especially like this month, I go on the 16th so there is only 1 treatment this month which mentally makes me feel better!!
The rest of the family are doing well, Josh has completely recovered from his appendix removal and Isaac and Megan are doing well. Rick is doing really well now that we are at this point. The kids and I are going to do some fun things together this week while they are out of school for spring break. It's so good to be feeling better! Love- Shauna

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What a crazy life....

We thought things were settling down for us but Josh had to get in on the excitement Sunday morning. Rick and I thought he had is weekly "Sunday Flu" coming on so we told him to get ready and get in the truck! He lasted 10 minutes at church (Rick drove him home) and when we called to check on him 45 minutes later we knew it wasn't the flu. I went home and checked on him and he pointed right in the appendix area. I said, "dang it!" and drove him to McKay Dee ER where he continued to get worse and after an ultrasound they confirmed it was his appendix. He was in surgery by 2:00 pm, it was pretty unbelievable to be sitting there for more health issues. Anyway, he did really well and was home in bed by 11:30 pm. It worked out so we could all get some sleep before going back to the hospital for radiation.
This did mean the 4-wheeling trip to Glamis was cancelled for Rick and Josh. They were very sad!
Radiation starts on April 1st, I think I got my hopes up when I talked to them on the phone and I just assumed that they would get me going on my schedule but it didn't work! I did get all the preliminary stuff done so I will just go for 25 minutes each day starting April Fools Day!
We sure hope everyone else is healthy! Much Love- Shauna